The idea of Jim Harbaugh returning to the NFL is one that pops up every offseason. It surfaces at the end of every college football season and again before the first kickoff of the year.

It’s made a return appearance in 2019.

On an episode of “Get Up!” on ESPN earlier this week, analyst Marcus Spears threw out a few names that could make the leap to the NFL before too long. Harbaugh’s name was mentioned among the likeliest of candidates.

“Jim Harbaugh,” Spears said. “We can’t [leave him out]. He’s had success. He’s been to the Super Bowl, what he did in San Francisco. This is almost a no-brainer. I know Oklahoma, Michigan and Ohio State don’t want to hear anything we’re talking about right now, but these are three guys that you identify. If you want to identify a guy that has done it and has proven that he can have success in the NFL, it’s Jim Harbaugh.”

Harbaugh has obviously had success at the NFL level. Though he was fired in 2014, he led the San Francisco 49ers to three NFC Championship Games, winning one in 2012 to get the Super Bowl. In four seasons, the 49ers had a 44-19-1 record.

In his first four seasons at Michigan, Harbaugh has enjoyed success, as well. The Wolverines have reached the 10-win mark three times in four seasons and have a 38-14 mark. The one glaring flaw, so far, is that Harbaugh has yet to beat Ohio State in four tries.

Harbaugh would be an excellent candidate to make a return appearance to the NFL, but with several denials that he’s interested in a return, it’s hard to see the head coach leaving Ann Arbor anytime soon.