There’s no doubt that Jim Harbaugh is one-of-a-kind. He’s one of just a handful of college football coaches who receives national attention everywhere he goes.

Recently, former Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight revealed what it was like to be around Harbaugh on a regular basis. And it might be even stranger than you could’ve imagined.

In an article by Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes, Speight gave a brief example of just quirky the Michigan head coach really is.

From the article:

How do you explain the Harbaugh Experience? Former Michigan (and current UCLA) quarterback Wilton Speight tells a story to sum it up nicely. Early in his Michigan tenure, Harbaugh pulled Speight aside and told him not to eat chicken, a protein that is considered fairly safe by nutritionists. When Speight asked why, Harbaugh said, “because it’s a nervous bird.”

“He thinks some type of sickness injected its way into the human population when people began eating white meats instead of beef and pork,” Speight says. “And he believes it, 100 percent.”

Yeah, that’s pretty odd. And that’s just a glimpse into Harbaugh’s mind.

There are so many other questions we have about spending so much time around the Michigan head coach. Hopefully more players will continue to shed light on the quirkiness of their head coach over the years.