The local media hasn’t spoke to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh since Aug. 6. Since media day three weeks ago, all the news provided on the Wolverines has been national. Michigan assistant coaches even said that the media lockout was tightening the group up.

Well on Tuesday, Harbaugh did an interview. Either or that or Fox Sports 1 just staged a photo with analyst Dave Wannstedt in an attempt to further anger the Michigan media.

If you’ll recall, the Big Ten Network couldn’t even get Harbaugh to speak when it rolled in on its annual bus tour. Fox Sports 1, however, is on a national tour in a bus resembling Harbaugh’s likeness in order to promote the Wolverines’ opener at Utah on Sept. 3. That, of course, will be on Fox Sports 1.

Fox Sports has been doing everything in its power to hype the event, even bringing on Colin Cowherd to reunite with Harbaugh in the pregame show. The two infamously shared a clunker interview shortly before Cowherd’s departure from ESPN.

Harbaugh has not declared when his next availability session will be with non-Fox Sports 1 media.