Eyabi Anoma has been a great addition to the Michigan defense since leaving Alabama. The Wolverines’ LB has been a force rushing from the edge.

Eyabi Anoma also goes by “Eyabi Okie”, and talked about one big play he had on Iowa’s QB Spencer Petras. Anoma finished the game with 3 total tackles and 0.5 sacks.

Petras took a snap in the backfield and was quickly met by Anoma as he had a big part in the sack.

“We were just trying to close out the game,” said Anoma. “I saw that the tackle had his hands up high, got wide, so I just reached and clamped onto to him (Petras). It doesn’t matter where he’s going, left or right, I can’t let him go.”

Anoma also had a big play on one of the final drives of the game. This time, Anoma was almost untouched en route to the QB after spinning away from an Iowa tackle. He gave a lot of credit for what happened to teammate Mazi Smith.

“I give a lot of credit to Mazi Smith,” said Anoma. “Me and Mazi had talked before that play. We talked about what he thinks I should do and how the tackle was gonna set me. It just so happened that’s exactly what happened.”