The family of legendary Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler has issued a statement refuting claims that he was aware of the abuse that took place by former team doctor Robert Anderson. The statement was released less than a week after Matt Schembechler, Bo’s son, hosted a news conference saying he was sexually abused by Anderson.

“It is telling to us that Bo never spoke to any of us about inappropriate behavior by Dr. Anderson,” the statement says, per The Detroit News. “To the contrary, in our steadfast opinion, Bo was not aware of such conduct and assumed that any procedures were medically appropriate.

“As he demonstrated at many points in his career and to us as a family, Bo had a clear and compelling sense of right and wrong: he would not have tolerated misconduct, especially toward any of his players, family members, coaches or to anyone associated with the University of Michigan’s football program. If Bo had known of inappropriate conduct, we are certain that he would have stopped it immediately, reported it, and had Dr. Anderson removed from the University.”

The individuals to sign the letter include Bo’s second wife Cathy, son Glenn and daughter-in-law Cathy.

Last week,Matt Schembechler says he told his mother what happened after he was sexually assaulted by Anderson as a 10-year-old in 1969.  He was instructed to tell Bo Schembechler about what happened. He says that telling his father did not go well.

“I tried to tell him repeatedly, but my efforts earned me a punch in the chest,” Matt Schembechler said. “It was the beginning of the end of our relationship.”

Tuesday, The Detroit News also reported that dozens of former Michigan football players and other student-athletes are hosting a news conference to come forward with their accusations regarding Dr. Anderson. It is expected to be held near Michigan Stadium.