Paul Finebaum has been a critic of Jim Harbaugh from the beginning. The SEC Network radio host never really bought in to all the hype.

But on his weekly appearance on The RoundTable on WJOX, Finebaum was a bit softer on Harbaugh following Michigan’s 24-17 loss to Notre Dame on Saturday.

Finebaum was asked whether or not he believed Harbaugh was on his way out the door in Ann Arbor. And the college football radio host isn’t so sure that’s the right thing to do just yet..

I’ve been a critic of Harbaugh from early on. I think it’s a little too early to pull the ripcord on him, but it’s getting close,” Finebaum said. “What I mean by that is, the big games on that schedule are the obvious ones; Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State. If slumps in those games, slouches toward the finish line with another average record, then I think the question has to be asked at the end of the season, ‘is this really worth it?'”

Harbaugh has taken a public beating nationally after Michigan’s loss to the Fighting Irish. Fans, media and even former players have taken an opportunity to criticize the head coach for his struggle in big games.

The Wolverines’ loss marked the 17th straight road game they have lost to a ranked opponent. Harbaugh is 8-8 in his last 16 games and he’s still just 1-5 vs. Michigan State and Ohio State.

Is the clock running out on Harbaugh? Maybe so. But, for now, one of his biggest critics believes Michigan should wait before pulling the trigger.