With the B1G fresh off a lackluster postseason, Paul Finebaum took aim.

Finebaum joined the guys at “Pardon My Take” for an interview on all things college football. He didn’t hold back some strong feelings on Michigan and Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz. That was sparked by a question Finebaum answers somewhat often.

Who is the most delusional fanbase in college football?

“It’s Michigan,” Finebaum said on Pardon My Take. “I don’t like to regurgitate information, but first of all, it’s a good school. But it’s not Harvard. Michigan fans are just the most arrogant, elitist and it’s a state university that’s in Michigan. Ann Arbor is a suburb of Detroit. The fans talk like it’s Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Cal Tech wrapped into one. It’s not.

“It’s a good school that’s won half a national championship in 60 years that hired a guy who got fired by the San Francisco 49ers.”

Finebaum has never been shy about attacking Jim Harbaugh. Last year, he called the Michigan coach “the Donald Trump of college football.” Finebaum also went on several rants about his satellite camp tour.

That led him to fire off one more shot at Harbaugh.

“He had 28 satellite camps from Alabama to Australia and what has he accomplished?” Finebaum said on PMT.

Finebaum was then asked about what he thinks about Michigan’s ability to become title contenders in the coming years with Harbaugh.

“I wouldn’t lock that down,” Finebaum said on PMT. “…This was a really good team that Harbaugh get away. Some Michigan fans would say ‘Well we only missed the national championship game by five points.’ You lost to Iowa. You don’t lose to Iowa and be in the same conversation as legitimate teams.”

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Speaking of Iowa, Finebaum isn’t exactly big on Ferentz, either.

“Kirk Ferentz is one of the biggest frauds I’ve ever seen when it comes to big games,” Finebaum said on PMT.

Finebaum and Colin Cowherd obviously have similar thoughts about Iowa as a program. Odd it was, though, that Finebaum cited Ferentz’s inability to win a big game right after he got through talking about the Hawkeyes beating Michigan.

And as for the Michigan hate, Finebaum didn’t mention Harbaugh doubling Michigan’s win total in his first year and leading a 5-7 team to back-to-back New Year’s Six bowl games and top-10 finishes.

But Finebaum will continue to sound off on B1G schools as long as they don’t win it all.