Michigan and Florida have had an entire offseason to think about their opening week showdown in Dallas.

Apparently the angst is building for some more than others.

Florida running back Mark Thompson is under the impression that his Gators haven’t been getting much preseason love — especially on the offensive side of the ball — despite the fact that they won consecutive SEC East titles.

How will the Gators get more respect? Thompson tweeted that involved “beating the brakes off Michigan.”

For what it’s worth, Thompson’s tweet doesn’t suggest that everyone is picking Michigan to beat Florida.

But it definitely will raise some eyebrows to see a Florida player can’t wait to “beat the breaks off Michigan.” The irony being that the Wolverines beat the breaks off Florida in the Citrus Bowl in 2015, which was the last time the two teams met.

Both teams, however, are very different than the squads that faced off a year and a half ago. But Michigan still has plenty of talent returning on defense.

At the very least, the Wolverines will have some extra motivation to make sure Florida’s backup running back doesn’t beat the breaks off them.