From 2013-16, Jourdan Lewis was making plays at Michigan for the Wolverines. He was named First Team All-Big Ten and eventually was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys.

He hasn’t become a household name yet, but maybe the interception he got Thursday night will be a step in that direction. Lewis is still with the Cowboys and is playing in Thursday Night Football against the Chicago Bears.


Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has struggled mightily so far in 2019 and that continued in the first quarter of the game against Lewis and the Cowboys. The Bears were driving down the field and while in the red zone, Trubisky threw a pass that should have gone out-of-bounds and incomplete.

Lewis wasn’t having that, though. He wanted the ball:

And, well, Lewis got the ball. This was a beautiful interception, showing Lewis’ ball skills and awareness on the field by tapping his second foot down in-bounds to complete the play.