Taco Charlton was a dominant defensive lineman during his time at Michigan.

From 2013-16, Charlton recorded 19 sacks, 28 tackles for loss and two pass deflections with the Wolverines. Again, he was a stud. That’s why when the 2017 NFL Draft took place, he was selected in the first-round at No. 28 overall by the Dallas Cowboys.

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However, since getting to the Cowboys, he has only appeared in 27 games. He hasn’t played yet this season. According to CBS Sports, Dallas has been looking for a team to trade Charlton to.

Charlton has known that this could turn into a waiting game:

According to 247Sports, Charlton tweeted earlier today, “Free me” with an eyes emoji. He has apparently deleted that tweet, but retweeted this:

Since deleting his tweet, he put this out on Twitter:

Charlton is sick and tired of waiting around. And, understandably so. He thinks he can be making money doing what he loves. Right now, he isn’t doing what he loves. And he isn’t able to showcase his abilities to potentially land himself a bigger contract down the line.

He’s frustrated, and he is one of many athletes who have taken social media to voice his displeasure.