All it took was one ambiguous comment.

A Twitter fury unleashed late Monday night after former Michigan quarterback John O’Korn sent out an ambiguous tweet in response to a question about a few former Wolverines.

O’Korn responded to the question, “what’s with all the (expletive) players turning their backs on the (Michigan)?” with the statement “it’s not the program or the school that we don’t like.”

Initially, everyone thought O’Korn was referencing head coach Jim Harbaugh. But he cleared that up pretty quickly, and then followed it up with another tweet that received plenty of backlash.

Here’s the series of tweets that were under scrutiny on Monday evening:

Though he didn’t say it directly, it seems that O’Korn is referring to some of the Michigan fans on social media, most of which probably harassed him throughout his career in Ann Arbor.

As you might imagine, there were plenty of responses to O’Korn’s tweet that cannot be posted.

O’Korn may have proved his point on Monday night, but he sure did enrage plenty of Michigan fans in the process. Then again, he probably didn’t care about hurting a few feelings in the process.

O’Korn played in 10 games for the Wolverines in 2017, throwing for 973 yards and two touchdowns while completed 53.5 percent of his passes.