Jake Butt knows a thing or two about tough decisions on whether or not to play in a bowl game.

The former Michigan star and tight end for the Wolverines faced that decision during his senior season. In the end, Butt decided to play in the 2016 Orange Bowl, suffering a serious knee injury in the process.

After potentially looking at becoming a first-round draft pick, Butt fell to the 5th round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Butt would miss the 2017 season due to that injury and was only able to appear in 8 games from 2018-20 due to multiple injury complications.

On Friday morning, Butt weighed in on the topic of whether players should play or opt-out of bowl games ahead of entering the NFL Draft. While Butt admitted he has zero regrets about his decision and overall career, he also acknowledged every individual player has different value systems in place.

Butt went on to point to some of the realistic risks players take into their hands if injured during a bowl game. He also addressed the reality of head coaches jumping ship for new jobs while asking if it is fair to hold young players to a separate standard:

In the end, Butt is an advocate for letting each individual make the decision they feel is best for themselves. As for fans, it is best to simply support everyone, regardless of whether or not the decision is to play or sit: