Gemon Green has hired attorney Tom Mars after the incident that took place in the Michigan Stadium tunnel. Mars posted a video on social media of former prosecutor Toby Shook commenting on the new video angle of the fight.

The video was taken from the back of the tunnel, and you can see a portion of the fight that happened between Green and multiple Michigan State players.

After what he saw, Shook thinks that criminal charges are definitely possible for the Spartan players. Shook thinks that this is especially possible since the video appears to show a helmet being swung at Green.

“That helmet can be viewed easily as a deadly weapon,” said Shook. “And that is a felony. And that carries up to four years in prison.”

Shook stated that since the helmet can be viewed as a deadly weapon, the players could face up to four years in prison because of it.

We’ll keep you updated as more information comes out about this.