The drama that has followed Jim Harbaugh’s out-of-context comments about mental health in college football have caught the attention of everyone over the last three days. But a former Michigan player has seen enough.

Jared Wangler, a former fullback for the Wolverines, decided to speak out following the stir that ensued when Harbaugh mentioned the possibility of players lying about mental health and depression to earn immediate eligibility from the NCAA. With no previous context, Harbaugh’s comments would come off as insensitive and harsh.

However, Harbaugh stated that he’d like to see the NCAA adopt a one-time transfer policy that allows players the opportunity to transfer without consequence. He believes that would clear up a lot of issues with the transfer portal and would discourage student-athletes from potentially being dishonest about their situation.

It sounds fair enough. Still, Harbaugh was roasted for even the slightest suggestion that he’s attacking players battling mental health. That’s where Wangler stepped in. He posted some strong statements on Twitter in defense of his former coach.

“As someone who played under Coach Harbaugh for four years I can’t sit back and watch writers misconsttue his comments for click-bait and for the uninformed public to run with,” Wangler wrote.

“The Michigan Football program does a phenomenal job taking care of their players. Mental health is not something to take lightly nor is it fair to falsely accuse a man of inadequately providing support for his players.

“Coach Harbaugh, along with the rest of the staff, hold players to high standards in an ethical manner. As for the general public, stop letting mediocre writers and twitter keyboard warriors create a false narrative on something they know nothing about.”

On Saturday morning, Harbaugh also clarified his comments with a message on Twitter.

Wangler was a member of the Michigan football program from 2014-18. Last year he finished his career as a fifth-year senior.