The fire was already going to have plenty of fuel for The Game in 2021, but Nico Collins might’ve thrown a gallon of gasoline into the flames this week. The former Michigan wide receiver made a bold comment when speaking about reporters regarding the talent gap with Ohio State.

During his pro day interview on Wednesday, Collins denied that there was a talent gap between Michigan and Ohio State. He says the two teams are pretty equally matched in that area, and even went as far as to say the Wolverines have more talent.

“It’s way closer,” Collins said about the talent between the two teams. “I’d say the talent is the same type of talent. I would say there’s not a difference between the two. Every time we play O-State, we know what kind of game it’s gonna be – it’s gonna be all four quarters. With the athletes they got and we got, I’d say we match up. They don’t have more athletes than we got. I feel like it’s pretty much equal or we pretty much have more than them. That’s all. That’s it, man. Talent-wise, I’d say it’s pretty much equal. There wasn’t no advantage with them – none at all.”

Reminder, Michigan has lost eight straight games to Ohio State, including an 0-5 record under Jim Harbaugh. The Wolverines finished 2-4 in 2020 while the Buckeyes went 7-1 and reached the national championship.

The Game was not played because of COVID-19 issues within Michigan’s program. The two teams will renew their rivalry in 2021.

Ohio State didn’t need any bulletin board material for next year’s matchup, but Collins had no problem giving the Buckeyes something to think about all offseason.