Legendary sportscaster Gus Johnson was excited by what he saw on the field from Michigan on Saturday.

After a snap, Wolverine QB JJ McCarthy was being pressured and rolled out of the box, slinging the ball to Cornelius Johnson. Johnson took off, making a dive at the pylon to put 6 more points on the board for Michigan.

Gus Johnson made the call for the Wolverines, calling out “Cornelius Johnson driving…Cornelius Johnson diving… Touchdown Michigan! Cornelius Johnson made that play himself!”

Listen to Johnson call the action:

It was a stellar day for the Wolverines, as they took down Indiana 31-10 on Saturday and became the first bowl-eligible team in 2022. With the win, No. 4 Michigan advanced to 6-0 on the season in the hunt for a national title.

Michigan will take on No. 10 Penn State on Saturday.