Everyone does it. Every fan the day after watching Week 1 football games claims to now know it all. Team ‘X’ looks worse than initially thought and Team ‘Y’ has a quarterback who seems to have gotten worse over the off-season, not better.

Fox Sports’ Aaron Torres put together a piece this morning, giving “6 gross overreactions to Week 1 of the college football season.” One of the six spoke to the Big Ten’s Michigan:

Michigan will be 7-0 entering an October 29 game at Michigan State

Torres says, “After an off-season full of tree climbing, satellite camps, and rap videos, the ‘Summer of Harbaugh’ officially ended Saturday at the Big House. The Wolverines’ 63-3 win over Hawaii also proved something else altogether: For all the off-the-field theatrics, Jim Harbaugh is still a damn good coach.

“I know it was only Hawaii (coming across a round-the-world flight from Australia, mind you) but it’s still pretty amazing that after quarterback Wilton Speight threw a pick on Michigan’s opening possession, the Wolverines were able to go on to score on every single offensive possession the rest of the game. The victory also reminded me of something we learned last year: Harbaugh’s teams remain the most immaculately prepared teams, week in and week out in college football (outside of maybe Alabama).

“Dating back to his Stanford days, Harbaugh’s teams have simply never come out flat and never come out unprepared. Sure, they might run into a team with more talent than them, but they never beat themselves and never play down to the competition. For all the “Harbaugh didn’t accomplish anything in Year 1 at Michigan,” it says a lot that their only three losses were to the only three teams with equal, or greater talent than them (Ohio State, Michigan State and Utah). And that they handled everyone else with ease.

That’s why I believe that the Wolverines will be undefeated when they play the Spartans on October 29th.”

Torres’ gross overreaction seems to be anything but that. Yes, Michigan is talented and yes, the Wolverines have a great head coach in Jim Harbaugh.

But, take a look at Michigan’s schedule. As Torres mentioned, it started with Hawaii. When looking at the next six games, Michigan gets UCF, Colorado, Penn State, Wisconsin and Illinois at home. The Wolverines have to play one road game in its first seven contests this season and that’s against Rutgers.

Michigan will be 7-0 entering the game against Michigan State. That’s a given, not a gross overreaction.

Torres’ full article can be read here.