The Game, as it is called by Michigan and Ohio State fans, is always a game that captures the attention of the college football world. That appears to be especially true in 2020.

The two bitter rivals are set to meet on Saturday, but the status of the game has been up in the air as Michigan deals with COVID-19-related issues. This has some serious implications for the Buckeyes. However, we received some positive news about the status of things in Ann Arbor on Monday.

This seems like a sign that things are moving in the right direction for the Wolverines. They missed Saturday’s game against Maryland due to COVID-19 protocol. Practicing at least means there are enough Michigan players available to actually hold a practice.

Ohio State has its own issues with COVID as the team was missing nearly two dozen players due to injury or COVID-19 protocol this past Saturday while also missing head coach Ryan Day. The Buckeyes have managed to play and win despite the absences.

At this point, just getting the game done is the biggest thing for the Buckeyes. They’ve already missed two games and if they miss one more, things start to get messy.

Currently, the Big Ten requires a team to play at least six games to qualify for the Big Ten Championship Game. If Saturday’s Michigan-Ohio State tilt is cancelled, that means the Buckeyes would only have played five games and need a rule change to make it to the title game. Ohio State is also trying to play enough games to impress the College Football Playoff committee.