Michigan has a big game on its hands in Week 3 as the Wolverines travel to Bloomington to take on the Hoosiers.

The College GameDay crew recognized this important matchup and discussed it while in South Bend, Indiana. Let’s just say the crew did not mince words when it came to discussing Jim Harbaugh’s crew.

It started with the Michigan man himself, Desmond Howard.

“On the surface, (Harbaugh) hasn’t been able to find a quarterback,” Howard said. “For whatever reason, that’s another conversation. After the Minnesota game, people looked at Joe Milton as maybe being the guy, and then the Michigan State game happened. He didn’t play terrible, but they lost the game.

“No. 2, Don Brown as defensive coordinator is consistently trying to run a scheme that he does not have the personnel to run. That’s being exposed.”

Next up was David Pollack. Let’s just say he’s no fan of what Harbaugh his done so far.

“I think it’s personality,” Pollack said of the former Wolverines quarterback. “Jim Harbaugh’s not getting it done, but he’s getting paid like he is. I’ll be honest, I remember when he got hired. We were at the Rose Bowl and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is huge news for Michigan.’

“I think just judging from the outside in…I think it’s personality. I think it’s something about relating to kids. He’s a little bit older, the game has changed, the players have changed. There’s not doubt about it, Jim Harbaugh is old school. He’s an old school guy…he’s kind of a strange bird.”

Then, Lee Corso jumped in.

“Needless to say, this is a must-win game for Big Blue,” he said. “A must-win game.”

To cap things off Kirk Herbstreit made his feelings known about this Michigan squad.

“To me, the game has never been more about being able to play in space and defend in space,” he said. “And in order to do that, you need elite personnel at the skill spots. If you look at Michigan at wide receiver and at corner since Jim Harbaugh has been there, they’ve been good. But they haven’t been elite. So when they get on the field with an Ohio State or Alabama, they get exposed in those areas.

“At some point, the players need to take accountability. At some point, it’s just not about Jim Harbaugh. When I watched that Michigan-Michigan State game, that team looked deflated.

“How do you play your rival and just go through the motions?”

The last quote says it all.