Recruits have to deal with a lot from fans. For an uncommitted top recruit in the country, that bombardment of messages can get out of control.

That was no different for Rashan Gary.

The No. 1 recruit in the country, and eventual Michigan commit, was reportedly the target of a racist voice mail from a man who identified himself as “Clemson Dan.” According to, “Clemson Dan” left a 58-second message on the Paramus Catholic Athletic Department voice mail a day before Gary was scheduled to take his official visit to Clemson.

“Yes, this here is ‘Clemson Dan,’ and this message is for Mr. Rashan Gary,” the man said on the voice mail. “We just wantin’ to know if you’re coming down here for a visit, you better be serious about it, ’cause there’s only two things we love and that’s Clemson football and the KKK.”

According to, there were other parts of the voice mail that came across as alarming.

“So you better not be fooling around, if you’re gonna get a visit, you better be commitin’,” “Clemson Dan” said on the voice mail. “So, just be aware, this ain’t no fooling thing. We Clemson. We big-time football down here.”

And just in case Clemson Dan didn’t get his point across…

“So if you’re coming down here, you better be serious,” “Clemson Dan” ended his phone message. “All right Rashan Gary, you better be the real deal. Over and out, this is ‘Clemson Dan’ saying goodbye.”

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Paramus Catholic president Jim Vail was notified of the message. He then reportedly got in touch with Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables to guarantee that Gary’s safety would be guaranteed throughout the visit. The Clemson staff reportedly acted immediately after that, getting Clemson police and compliance involved. reported that Gary and his mother got to listen to the message when they were at Clemson, which left them reportedly “shocked and distraught.” Still, Gary’s mother said, the message made no impact on her son’s decision to commit to Michigan.

There’s also the likelihood that the message wasn’t from a Clemson fan at all, which was what Gary’s mother believed.

“Clemson Dan” hasn’t been identified yet but the Paramus Police Department is actively investigating the situation. Even though it wasn’t considered a death threat, there is still a desire to get to the bottom of it.

What some people will do to try and influence an 18-year-old kid is sickening at times.