Last weekend’s matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Football Team in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs drew plenty of attention because of the Tom Brady-Chase Young matchup.

After clinching a spot in the playoffs, Young was heard yelling “Tom Brady, I’m coming!” as Washington was preparing to take on the Bucs to open the postseason. But Young’s team fell just short, as Tampa Bay posted a 31-23 win over the Football Team.

But between Brady and Young grew a mutual respect. And that respect resulted in the veteran quarterback sending the rookie defensive end an autographed jersey, along with the message “Best of luck!”

That wasn’t the only message Brady had to pen on the jersey, though. Due to the intensity of the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, Brady had to ink “Go Blue!” on the jersey, too.

Young didn’t seem to mind the friendly banter, likely because Ohio State has dominated the rivalry game over the last two decades, winning eight straight contests and 16 of the last 17 meetings in the series.

Brady and Young might be incredibly fierce competitors, but it’s clear there’s a ton of respect on both sides.