Jim Harbaugh, in case you haven’t heard, was bitter about his team’s loss to Ohio State. To be clear, it was the officiating that he was bitter about.

He was upset with a non-pass interference call and a pass interference call, both of which favored OSU. Harbaugh also didn’t believe that J.T. Barrett converted a first down on that do-or-die fourth down in double overtime.

ESPN’s Mike Golic said on “Mike and Mike” that he didn’t agree with two of Harbaugh’s postgame complaints.

“Again, I don’t mind when a coach wants to make his point. I think (Harbaugh) went too far,” Golic said on Mike and Mike. “I didn’t sit there and listen to the whole press conference because you have to talk about the two turnovers that you had. But I disagree on two of (Harbaugh’s complaints). I disagree on the spot. I think the spot was fine. I think it was close.

“The one about the ball being uncatchable and past the receiver, no it wasn’t. It wasn’t that uncatchable and it wasn’t past the receiver when his guy interfered.”

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Golic did say that he believed that Grant Perry was hooked and that Michigan should’ve gotten the pass interference call.

But Golic and Mike Greenberg both felt that Michigan essentially gave away 21 points with the three turnovers and that the game shouldn’t have come down to officiating.

Harbaugh and his team suffered a tough loss, but they could still have College Football Playoff life. Kirk Herbstreit believes that the Wolverines are a Colorado win away from making the field.

Maybe, just maybe, Harbaugh’s postgame frustrations won’t be the aftermath of losing a playoff bid.