Greg McElroy has made his opinion on the Big Ten’s 3-game suspension of Jim Harbaugh know.

Harbaugh received a 3-game suspension from the Big Ten, keeping him off the sidelines for Michigan’s final 3 games of the season. Harbaugh will still be able to coach during the week.

McElroy believes the punishment was light.


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On Always College Football on Friday, McElroy praised the Big Ten for actually doing something, saying that the pressure was on to act quickly.

“The Big Ten got it right to an extent. They had to do something,” McElroy said. “It was snowballing, it was getting worse, other programs were getting dragged into it. It felt like something had to be done, and there was a lot of pressure on the Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti to act.”

While he commends the Big Ten for handing out a suspension, he does not agree with the severity of the punishment.

“I agree with the sense that they had to do something, I just don’t necessarily agree with what they did,” McElroy said. “Jim Harbaugh being suspended to me feels like a little bit of a slap on the wrist. It’s embarrassing, it’s public, it’s notable. Sure. But at the same time he was also suspended for the first 3 games of the season, and it had absolutely no impact on how his team performed.”

He believes the Big Ten should have made Michigan fork over some money rather than just suspending Harbaugh.

“I would’ve fined Jim Harbaugh a ridiculous amount of money,” McElroy said. “And then I would’ve fine Michigan’s athletic department and their university.”

McElroy said that the Big Ten should have let Michigan play its last few games of the season as well as compete in the conference championship and bowl games, but not allowed them to profit off of it.

Michigan will play its first of 3 games without Harbaugh on Saturday when it takes on Penn State.