The Michigan Wolverines have beaten rival Ohio State 2 years in a row — a fact, Michigan fans love to remind Buckeye fans about.

Can the Wolverines make it 3 wins in a row over the Buckeyes in 2023?

Greg McElroy, an ESPN analyst and former Alabama quarterback, said this week on “Always College Football” that he thinks Michigan is the team to beat in the Big Ten:

“Well, Ohio State’s breaking in 2 new tackles,” McElroy says. “And tell me this. The last couple of games against Ohio State, what right now is going to lead to you feeling better about the Buckeyes’ chances in 2023? Is it the new quarterback? The fact that Ohio State really didn’t play very well in each of the last 2 outings? That Ohio State is going to become more physical? I don’t know. I really don’t know these things. My question to you, though, is I know Ohio State might have a higher ceiling and Ohio State in their last performance might have looked better than Michigan did. But either way, Michigan has won 2 in a row and they haven’t been super competitive. …

“I think Michigan is the team to beat heading into 2023, just based on what we’ve seen and based on the key pieces they have returning.”

The Buckeyes travel to Ann Arbor on Saturday, Nov. 25. We’ll see if Ryan Day can beat Jim Harbaugh this time around or if McElroy will be proven right.