Greg McElroy knows that it’s not possible to do Michigan better than Jim Harbaugh.

McElroy broke down some of the games from the Week 5 slate on Sunday. One of the games he talked about on the latest edition of the Always College Football podcast was Michigan-Nebraska.

In case you didn’t notice, the reigning B1G champs are still very good. While McElroy still has hope that Nebraska will be a tough team to face in the future, that won’t be possible against Michigan at this point.


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“You can’t out-Michigan Michigan. Nebraska’s just not built (enough), it’s not a good matchup for them,” McElroy said. “Michigan flexing on a team that really isn’t ready to take advantage of what might have been question marks in some areas.

“Not gonna happen. I didn’t really learn anything from Nebraska. I still think Nebraska’s gonna be a tough team in time, but not against Michigan. I think there’s a lot to feel good about where Michigan’s at. Especially on the defensive side. I think the offense, yes, there’s some things I would like to see tweaked, but defensively, man they are cooking with gas.”

Michigan moved to 5-0, while Nebraska goes back under .500 with a 2-3 record. Minnesota is up next for Harbaugh and Matt Rhule travels to Champaign in Week 6.