College football’s most high-profile subtweeter was at it again on Monday morning.

Jim Harbaugh, who has had a well-documented back-and-forth with SEC commissioner Greg Sankey over the issue of spring break practices in Florida, continued that discussion.

The latest subtweet involved referencing the role of magicians with a link to a Detroit Free Press column on the SEC’s “silly attempt” at banning Michigan’s efforts to relocate for spring break practices.

Interesting it is to see that Harbaugh went so far as to link to a story. Coaches rarely, if ever, tweet out links to articles — much less columns — written about their teams.

The column Harbaugh linked to explained why the SEC doesn’t have much ground to stand on by claiming that Michigan is “overworking” its athletes. It went so far as to say that the SEC is “made of up some of the pettiest, most hypocritical people in college sports.”

It’s ironic that Harbaugh took the time to share the story after Sankey claimed he didn’t want to get into a “childhood use of Twitter” in regards to a serious issue.

Who knows if Harbaugh’s public subtweets will impact a potential ruling from the NCAA. If nothing else, he’s certainly getting more people in his corner.