Just when you thought Harbaugh-mania had reached its peak, Fox Sports decided to take it to another level.

According to a Detroit Free Press story, Fox Sports will be traveling in a bus resembling the Michigan coach. Khakis, of course, are included.

All the other classic Harbaugh features will be shown on the bus. The black belt, the Michigan lanyard with whistle and Sharpie, the Michigan pullover and a play card tucked into the waist will all be painted into the bus’ design.

The bus will be shown across the country to promote the Wolverines’ Sept. 3 opener at Utah, which will be broadcasted on Fox Sports 1.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Harbaugh was contacted about Fox Sports’ idea and he was “grateful and on board.”

The news came days after it was announced that Colin Cowherd would be reuniting with Harbaugh on the network’s pregame show. Cowherd and Harbaugh, of course, were part of the clunker interview heard round the world.

The article said that the bus would be starting in Ann Arbor and making the rounds to all the late summer baseball broadcasts for Fox Sports, starting in Detroit on Aug. 22.