When it was reported that the B1G would begin having Friday night games in 2017, there was a surprised reaction.

Some vented frustration, others didn’t see a big deal about playing one Friday night game per season.

Then there was Michigan.

The Wolverines, somehow, were granted their wish to not participate in the Friday night fun. They told the conference they would neither host, nor travel for a Friday night game.

According to Jim Harbaugh, he wasn’t aware that the decision was made.

Whether Harbaugh was aware of the decision by B1G Commissioner Jim Delany or not, he obviously wasn’t the only person who resisted.

Penn State came out and said that it wouldn’t host any Friday night games. Ohio State agreed to host one once every three years.

The decision was not a unanimous one. On the other hand, schools like Michigan State and Wisconsin voiced their support of the new idea.

Actually, it isn’t much of a new idea. MSU already opens its season on Friday nights. And the ACC and Pac-12 each began having Friday night games.

Still, Harbaugh is obviously not a believer in deviating from the Saturday tradition.