Add another person to Jim Harbaugh’s hit list.

Yesterday, CBS Sports radio personality Jim Rome put the Michigan coach on blast for refusing to answer questions about suspended players.

“Maybe you forgot over the summer that it’s their job to cover your team, not asking you what your favorite Drake album is,” Rome said on his show. “Just like they’re not there to write another tired story about your latest throwback jersey, or your Walmart khakis, or your latest shirtless photo from satellite camp, or another (attack) on the SEC.

“They’re not on your staff, they do not work for the university. You preside over an alleged national power. If you suspend guys, reporters are going to ask you about it. They’re just doing their job, so you should do yours and answer the question.”

As expected, Harbaugh responded to Rome in the way that he usually responds to his critics…Twitter:

Harbaugh is referencing when former Purdue quarterback Jim Everett infamously attacked Rome because he refused to stop calling him “Chris” Everett.

Harbaugh tweeted “dejavu,” which could imply just about anything. Instead of trying to figure out exactly what Harbaugh meant by that, we’ll leave it as is.

But clearly, he was not a fan of Rome’s criticism. The war of words will only perpetuate Harbaugh’s “us against the world” mentality.

And this, of course, is how Rome responded:

Just a typical Wednesday in Harbaugh world.