Jim Harbaugh is enjoying himself in Rome, or so it appears.

On Friday, Michigan got to experience something that sounds like the coolest thing ever — gladiator school. Harbaugh, of course, soaked it all in.

His Russell Crowe imitation was spot on.

“I will have my vengeance.”

In addition to quoting “Gladiator,” Harbaugh also got to use one of the devices gladiators train on. He seemed pretty entertained by that.

But what would gladiator school be without a battle?

Harbaugh got to partake in a sword fight (not real) with Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno. By the look of it, Harbaugh won:

In a matter of days, Harbaugh became an opera-singing, gladiator-fighting savant. You can bet that he’ll be full of gladiator metaphors after his Roman initiation.

Michigan might try and stay in Rome forever.