Jim Harbaugh has a strategy for everything.

We’ve heard about his milk-drinking strategy to become a Michigan quarterback. We’ve heard about his bunker-down strategy that was used throughout August.

With Halloween around the corner, Harbaugh also has a trick-or-treating strategy. The Michigan coach does have six kids, so he’s pretty experienced in the area.

He offered some advice to all kids looking to maximize their candy-hauling potential.

“I’ve tried to advise them to get two costumes to be go-getters,” Harbaugh said on his weekly WXYZ appearance. “You can hit the neighborhood in one costume and better to jug and run from house to house. Then you can get more candy than anybody else. Then you come home and make a quick change into a second costume and go hit those same houses again.”

Harbaugh admitted that was the strategy he used as a youth.

It was all about execution.

“Hustle, constant hustle. Hustling at all times,” he said with a laugh. “I had the standard sheet with the eyes cut out. I always wanted the mask and the cape, Spider-Man, but we never did get one of those.”

Harbaugh hopes his team can avoid a scare at Minnesota on Halloween this Saturday.