Say what you want about Jim Harbaugh’s satellite camp tour around the world. You might think he’s doing this for all the wrong reasons or what he’s doing is ultimately pointless.

But at the very least, no one can deny Harbaugh’s impressive jersey collection so far.

Each jersey, of course, has been worn to represent the area that Harbaugh’s been in. Even though he’s only a week into his month of camps, he’s already busted out some solid local gear.

The very first jersey/shersey he rocked was at his opening camp in Indianapolis, where he represented his old quarterback at Stanford and current Colts quarterback Andrew Luck:

That was an obvious selection that pretty much anyone could’ve guessed.

Less predictable was the throwback Hank Aaron jersey that Harbaugh wore at his camp in Atlanta. Even better, Aaron was on hand to speak to players, coaches and media:

But hey, why wear one jersey at one camp?

Harbaugh actually changed in the middle of his camp in Georgia and switched to Giants catcher Buster Posey, who’s from Leesburg, Georgia.

At his third camp in Jacksonville, Harbaugh represented former Michigan star Denard Robinson, who currently plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars:

Harbaugh’s next jersey wasn’t one that he could just pick up at local sporting goods store. He had to get it custom-made, and even better, it wasn’t one of a current player.

Paired with University of South Florida coach Willie Taggart in Tampa, Harbaugh fittingly wore his jersey (it might’ve been a little tight).

If you’re keeping track, that’s two NFL jerseys, two MLB jerseys and one college jersey. Naturally, Harbaugh’s next jersey was of former NBA great Allen Iverson.

He showed it off — and tucked it in — while at a camp in Philadelphia over the weekend.

Harbaugh’s crossed into a different major sport again. At his widely attended camp in Baltimore on Monday, Harbaugh paid tribute to the Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr.:

He then changed into a Ray Lewis jersey, who of course played for Jim’s brother, John, with the Ravens.

By our count, that’s a total of eight jerseys so far. Keep in mind that Harbaugh still has three more weeks of camps.

That’s a whole lot of trips — and reimbursement checks — for whoever is fetching him his jersey(s) of the day.