You’ve got to spend money to make money.

According to a USA Today report, Jim Harbaugh did his fair share of that. The publication acquired records containing expense reports that showed what the Michigan coach spent over $10,000 per day on private jets from Jan. 19 to Jan. 30 in 2015.

In total, 18 of Harbaugh’s flights during that 12-day period were logged. According to the report, “there were another five ‘dead’ legs involving no passengers, and an assistant coach had one solo travel leg. There was only day during that period for which no private-jet trips were logged.

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While the university records show that Harbaugh racked up $136,000 in fees from private jet flights, he didn’t violate anything in his contract. Under his current deal, Harbaugh is allowed use of private aircraft time “as reasonable and necessary for all recruiting purposes.”

That stretch concluded less a month after Harbaugh was hired in December 2014. He only had three weeks to recruit and Michigan still finished with the No. 37 2015 class. Eight different states were represented in that group.

This year, Harbaugh landed players from 13 different states and finished with the No. 5 class in the country.

Records from this year’s recruiting period will likely not become public until next year, but it’s safe to say Harbaugh has a chance to one-up his 2015 tab.