It’s getting harder and harder for Jim Harbaugh to one-up himself.

After the “Signing of the Stars” event guest list that included the likes of Derek Jeter, Tom Brady and Lou Holtz, it’s no secret that Harbaugh’s sports rolodex is a deep one.

Well, Harbaugh’s return to San Francisco wasn’t complete without hanging out with some baseball royalty.

The Michigan coach snapped this pic with National Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Willie Mays:

Not surprisingly, Harbaugh went all-out for the picture with the throwback Giants jersey, bat in hand, as well. With National Signing Day in the rearview mirror, we saw Harbaugh make the rounds to the major talkshows with the Super Bowl in San Francisco last week.

Needless to say, celebrity run-ins like this will become the norm for Harbaugh during the offseason.