If Michigan is once again featured in an Amazon Prime series, which appears to be on the table, the school is attempting to find out if it can pay the players featured in the series — on a deferred basis.

It’s an interesting idea and one that could possibly open the door to many possibilities for several of the nation’s elite programs. Imagine if Michigan gets the okay and the SEC Network, Big Ten Network, etc. begin filming Hard Knock-type shows for their schools. The programs that allow it could potentially use that as a recruiting advantage, if not for monetary purposes, for the attention players could potentially bring to their profile.

During a Thursday night appearance at the Advocates for Basic Equality and Legal Aid of Western Ohio’s Access to Justice Awards dinner, Harbaugh shared an interesting comment related to Michigan’s desire to compensate its players if they were featured on another Amazon series.

“We’re just wondering if it’s possible,” Harbaugh said, according to Angelique S. Chengelis of the Detroit News. “We don’t know if it is yet. If we do another series, we’re just asking the question. I want to see if there’s something that can be there for them.”

Michigan’s 2017 season was chronicled by Amazon and is currently streaming for its Prime members.

Harbaugh claims his experience being filmed was a positive one and he’s open to doing it again, potentially in 2018, but he noted that he won’t watch any of the series. He also didn’t ask for the right to edit anything out.

“I can’t watch myself,” Harbaugh continued. “I don’t like even hearing my own voice. Some of those losses I don’t think I could watch them again.”

That’s something Michigan fans can relate with following the program’s disappointing 8-5 season that finished with three consecutive losses.