Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh knows what it takes to play quarterback in the NFL. After an extensive 15-year career in the professional ranks and playing against some of the league’s best, you wouldn’t think much would impress him.

But Tom Brady still managed to capture the attention of Harbaugh.

Brady, a former Michigan quarterback, played catch with Harbaugh prior to Saturday’s game against Colorado. Afterward, it was apparent that the head coach enjoyed his time tossing the football with future Hall of Famer.

“I look back at my career of playing catch with different people, (and) that was right there with my dad, playing catch with my dad,” Harbaugh said. “Tom’s got a good arm, by the way. He can rip it. He can throw it well. I wish I wouldn’t have given him the wind.”

Harbaugh, who wears cleats for every game and throws with his team during pregame warm-ups, was asked if he was competing with Brady.

“Yeah, of course,” Harbaugh said as he erupted in laughter. “’Let’s play a little catch Tom.’ He throws a good ball. That ball almost catches itself the way he throws. That’s one heck of a ball he throws.”

Michigan’s sidelines have been filled with stars this season, including MLB Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan.

But playing catch with Brady really appeared to be one of Harbaugh’s favorite moments since returning to Ann Arbor.

You can read the full story by Angelique Chengelis for the Detroit News here.