Right when you heard that WWE’s Monday Night Raw was going to be in Detroit, it wasn’t a matter of if Jim Harbaugh would be in attendance. It was just how long it would take for the cameras to find him and catch him doing something crazy.

Of course that happened.

Harbaugh, who was joined by Michigan assistant coaches, got some nice face time during the middle of the weekly show.

Obviously he was fired up to be there:

Harbaugh’s latest high-profile appearance definitely wasn’t an act. A big-time wrestling fan, he’s been pushing for WrestleMania to come to the Big House for several months. He also brought on friend/hall of fame wrestler Ric Flair to Michigan’s “Signing of the Stars” event.

Speaking of Flair…

Devin Bush Sr., who is the newest addition to the Michigan coaching staff, also got to meet former Minnesota wrestling star/WWE superstar Brock Lesnar:

It’s good to see the Michigan coaching staff is having some nice, low-key fun before spring practices get into full swing.