Satellite camps as Jim Harbaugh knows them could be over.

The NCAA’s proposal would limit coaches to conducting camps over a 10-day stretch, essentially eliminating Harbaugh’s nationwide, month-long tour. The camps could only take place on campuses or in the facilities used primarily for practice or competition by member schools.

A final vote won’t occur until April. But Harbaugh responded to the idea of the proposed change.

He took the optimistic view.

“That would take away a lot of fun,” Harbaugh said this morning on the “Jamie and Stoney show” on WXYT-FM (97.1). “We did close to 50 last year, and that was a lot of fun. Heck, if every school is doing 10, that would probably be more than what was done last year, so there’s a possibility that it’s a really good thing. Everybody carries the water. The main thing is that football’s being spread, youngsters are getting opportunities to show what they can do.

“Potentially, it’s got a chance to be really good, so I can’t say that’s a negative. The only negative is we’ll have less fun.”

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So to be clear, Harbaugh is in favor of the proposal. He isn’t about to slam the NCAA for restricting camps to the 10-day period.

Would Harbaugh still likely generate the most attention of any coach under the proposed model? Sure, but you wouldn’t hear about his staff setting up camps in Hawaii and Australia.

Harbaugh’s reduced jersey budget would probably save Michigan a few dollars, too.