Once again, Jim Harbaugh directed some social media fire at the SEC.

This time, however, it wasn’t an SEC commissioner or coach that Harbaugh went after. The Michigan coach took aim at SEC personality (Paul) Finebaum.

Harbaugh’s comments appear to be the result of Finebaum questioning why he hired the father of an elite 2019 quarterback prospect to Michigan’s staff.

On “Outside the Lines” Finebaum claimed that Harbaugh was “an evil genius” and that what he was doing was cheating. Finebaum also claimed there was “no other reason” to hire Michael Johnson, though he left out the fact that he spent a decade in the NFL and even served as UCLA’s interim coach at one point.

That would explain the #AlternativeFacts hashtag. Finebaum also once called Harbaugh “the Donald Trump of college football,” so that might’ve had something to do with that.

Even without Finebaum’s most recent dig, Harbaugh’s response was a long time coming.

Last year, Finebaum claimed that Harbaugh was becoming the “most annoying person in college football” during the satellite camp debate.

The beef Finebaum has with Harbaugh, Michigan and Michigan fans is well known. The SEC Network radio and TV host called Michigan “the most delusional fanbase in the country.”

Finebaum was also called out during Michigan’s Signing of the Stars event a couple weeks ago.

Whatever the case, Harbaugh obviously wasn’t a fan of Finebaum painting his own picture of his motives.