It’s not like Jim Harbaugh needs to coach a game at Michigan to receive a compliment, no matter how lofty that compliment is.

On the Fox Sports podcast “The Audible,” hosted by Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman, college football analyst Joel Klatt said that the new Wolverines coach is the best coach in the country right now.

Yes, that happened.

Here’s what Klatt had to say:

“People say this is just hyperbole, (but) this is a true statement when you look at the record…. Jim Harbaugh is the best football coach right now in college football,” Klatt said on “The Audible” podcast with Fox Sports writers Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman. “Because he’s the only guy that has had success at both levels. No other guy can say that right. Urban (Meyer) can’t say that because he never went. Nick Saban can’t, Steve Spurrier can’t say that, Bobby Petrino can’t say that. He’s the guy. Everywhere he’s been they’ve won.

“Now he goes to the blue blood program of Michigan the same year that Ohio State wins the national championship and, all of the sudden, you’ve got, I would say, dynamic coaches in the country – because Nick’s not all that dynamic – and you’ve got Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh connected to the most storied rivalry in our sport. It’s really crazy.”

Does he have a point?