One by one, Jim Harbaugh is taking the entertainment world by storm.

We already know that he’s pals with rapper Big Sean, who got the full Michigan experience two months ago.

Following his team’s Citrus Bowl victory against Florida, the Michigan coach got a nod of approval from WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. That led to Harbaugh thanking him and continuing his campaign for WrestleMania at the Big House.

Harbaugh stepped it up a notch.

Of all people, Wale felt the need to tweet about the Michigan coach after the Citrus Bowl. He even threw out a presidential proposal.

It took Harbaugh a couple days to respond. But, as he often does, he made his 140 characters count.

It’s hard to argue with Wale’s claim that Harbaugh “just wins things.” He took a five-win Michigan team to 10 wins in his first season at the helm. He also has a top-three 2016 recruiting class lined up.

But Harbaugh might have some competition for the 2020 presidential bid from a B1G East opponent and a rapper. Fans in State College are already petitioning for freshman running back Saquon Barkley and Kanye West to run for president in 2020.

To recap, there are now two first-year B1G guys that are teaming up with two of the world’s most popular entertainers to earn a presidential nomination in 2020.

And we thought 2015 was entertaining.