Some might’ve expected Jim Harbaugh to dial it down a notch in his second full offseason at Michigan. After all, he couldn’t possibly keep up with the pace that he set during last year’s offseason, could he?

It’s early, but Harbaugh doesn’t appear to be keeping a low profile in 2017.

His latest offseason adventure was at the White House with singer/actor Usher. Because why not?

This was from Usher’s Snapchat:

Harbaugh was at President Barack Obama’s rally in Michigan during the season. He was also a special guest of  President Obama for several different White House functions.

It remains to be seen if Harbaugh will have that kind of relationship with President-elect Donald Trump after his inauguration in a couple weeks.

Let’s just assume that Harbaugh won’t be staying out of the national spotlight anytime soon.