There were many football fans in shock this afternoon as Michigan fell to Michigan State at home after the Spartans looked inept in Week 1 and the Wolverines looked like a Big Ten title contender.

One of those in shock was Michigan’s own Hassan Haskins. The junior running back out of St. Louis made that very clear in his postgame press conference.

You have to give credit to Haskins for at least being honest about his assessment of the game. And after getting a confidence boost in Week 1, it would make sense for Haskins and his team to maybe be a little too cocky.

The one defense against that mindset, however, is that Michigan has been notorious for losing to rivals at home during the Jim Harbaugh era. So, maybe the Wolverines should have had their blinders up.

Either way, it’s a bad loss for a Michigan program trying to show it can compete with the big boys of college football under Harbaugh. After Saturday, it appears that once again, the answer is no.