Trash talk between Michigan and Ohio State isn’t limited to Saturdays.

But what ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit — a former Ohio State quarterback — tweeted about former Michigan star Taylor Lewan might’ve been a little more than trash talk.

With Lewan’s Tennessee Titans down a touchdown driving late in the game against the Oakland Raiders, it appeared Tajae Sharpe caught a pass that would put them in scoring position at the 3-yard line. While he was fighting for extra yards, Lewan came in out of nowhere and dove head-first into the scrum.

Here’s how it unfolded:

Lewan got a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, which killed the Titans at a critical point of the game. After Lewan’s penalty, they weren’t able to get the game-tying touchdown.

Herbstreit, a Nashville resident, was not pleased with Lewan’s decision-making:

It’s unknown if there’s any personal beef between the two of them. Even though that’s obviously not a smart penalty, it’s odd to see Herbstreit get that animated on social media about a specific player.

But hey, less has caused more friction between Michigan and Ohio State.