Hold the phone, Michigan fans.

There could be a way that the Wolverines make the College Football Playoff after all. That’s at least what Kirk Herbstreit thinks.

The Wolverines, after suffering their second loss of the season in a double overtime thriller at Ohio State, were written off by many as out of the playoff picture.

But Herbstreit believes the Wolverines are one Colorado win away from making the field:

Colorado and Washington are set to square off in the Pac-12 title game on Friday, which could have major implications for the B1G’s two-team bid.

It’s an interesting point, considering Colorado and Michigan would both be two-loss teams, and Michigan has the head-to-head battle.

What that would also mean is that the B1G Championship would essentially be useless. Michigan did beat both Penn State and Wisconsin already, and both losses were to top-25 teams on the road.

Some, however, might argue that Oklahoma could sneak into the field if it beats Oklahoma State on Saturday, or even that Colorado would deserve to be in as a conference champ. If the Wolverines are at No. 4 or No. 5 on Tuesday night, the door could still be open.

Either way, what a mess the selection committee has ahead.