There are plenty of people who believe that this is finally the year that Michigan ends its 12-year, B1G title drought.

Kirk Herbstreit isn’t one of them.

We saw that in his annual “Herbies,” in which he picked Ohio State to win the B1G and represent the conference in the College Football Playoff. Herbstreit was asked about Michigan specifically on Thursday.

He isn’t buying into the hype just yet.

“I personally think they’re about a year away,” Herbstreit said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike. “When they hired (Jim Harbaugh), anybody who’s watched him, he’s going back to his alma mater, he’s one of the best coaches in NFL or college, he’s a great relentless recruiter…so it’s coming.

“They’re going to become a perennial top-five team. I just think he’s gonna get the Elvis Grbacs, the Desmond Howards, the Ty Wheatleys eventually. I look at that roster and I see some talent, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think it is where it’s gonna be in two years or three years. I think people were maybe a year ahead of schedule.”

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Herbstreit followed that up by saying that the Wolverines will still likely dominate their schedule. But winning a conference title and becoming a national title contender?

He’s not ready to go there just yet.

“They’re loaded. They’ve got three games where they’re going to be challenged…the other nine, forget about it,” Herbstreit said. “I personally just think people ar one year ahead on Michigan.”

Naturally, Howard stepped in to argue in favor of the Wolverines being the favorites in the B1G.

“They were one dropped punt away from having an 11-win season a year ago,” Howard said. “I think people do think they’re ahead of schedule. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen this year because they do have a tough road schedule.

“I think they’re the favorite going into the season simply because of all the talent that Ohio State lost and Michigan State lost some key players, too. I think that’s why the perception is, ‘Ok, Michigan is the team right now to beat in the B1G. They’re probably the favorite to win the B1G Championship.”

A Michigan alum and an Ohio State alum defending their alma maters. Imagine that?