Just over a week or so ago, after the Houston Texas fired their head coach Bill O’Brien, the speculation over a replacement began.

Not more than a day later, stories could be found across the internet speculating on possible candidates that interim GM Jack Easterby would look toward for a permanent replacement for O’Brien on the Texans sideline.

Of course, and as always, Jim Harbaugh’s name could be found in the copy.

And, as always, Jim Harbaugh probably isn’t going anywhere.

Michigan is unlikely to fire Harbaugh, and he doesn’t have much interest another college job. But there is always the talk about him making the jump back to the NFL when coaching positions open up. Now, the Texans job was obviously not a good fit, as the expectation is that Easterby will be looking to find a coach/GM – not really a deal one would think would be attractive to Harbaugh given his dealings with the front office while at San Francisco.

Enter this year’s Dallas Cowboys, and their floundering efforts to try and just make it through the day on Sunday afternoon.

Mike McCarthy, for now, is still the Cowboys head coach, but that didn’t stop the group on ESPN’s First Take from giving their thoughts, and Harbaugh, of course, came into the conversation.

ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson thinks it’s already time for Dallas to part ways with McCarthy and go after, you guessed it, Harbaugh. Below is the clip from First Take: