Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh and athletic director Warde Manuel spoke with the media after the Wolverines canceled their game against Ohio State this weekend due to COVID-19.

Manuel called it “a hard day” when speaking with reporters. Michigan and Ohio State have played every season since 1918 prior to this season.

Manuel said the decision was made on Tuesday to allow the Big Ten and Ohio State the necessary time to make adjustments.

Manuel also offered support for the situation Ohio State is now in. Under current Big Ten policy, the Buckeyes need a sixth game in order to make it to the Big Ten Championship Game next week.

“I don’t believe anybody, Ohio State or any team, should be punished for for any decisions we made looking at eight games and saying we need to play six,” Manuel said. “I would be open to having a discussion about making adjustments.

“That conversation deserves to happen”

Harbaugh alluded to the possibility that Michigan’s season is over. The Wolverines are scheduled to play someone on Dec. 19, but it’s unclear if they will be healthy enough to do so.

Harbaugh also insisted that Wolverines players wanted to play in this game.

Further Big Ten scheduling announcements are expected on Wednesday.