Herm Edwards believes that he can relate to Jim Harbaugh and Michigan as the program faces criticism amidst the sign-stealing saga.

Edwards, a former college and NFL coach who was fired by Arizona State last year, said that Michigan is handling the adversity well so far.

“I’ll say this, I think it’s galvanizing his football team,” Edwards said on the Dan Patrick Show. “I think he’s done a fabulous job of dealing with the team that has a lot of mental toughness. I just think that it’s unfortunate, the situation that has occurred. Looking at signals and trying to get signals, this has been going on.”

Edwards also said that it’s a tough situation for Harbaugh, comparing it to a the job of coaching a team. Edwards said that you can prepare your team, but you can’t control what they do on the field. He said this situation is similar to that.

“When you are the leader, no matter what, you get to make a lot of decisions, right,” Edwards said. “And you get to make decisions, you set policies, but here’s the deal, it’s like when you watch a football game. A coach makes a lot of decisions about what’s about to be called. But he has no control of what those players are about to do when the ball’s kicked off. It’s the same thing in college football, pro football. You make a lot of decisions, you tell people, you trust them. And you let them go do their jobs, and then when things like this occur, guess what, it’s on you. That’s part of it, it’s hard. I’m not going to get into the weeds of it, because I don’t know the whole story. It’s just a hard deal man, and I’ve sat in that seat and I know how that feels.”

Harbaugh is currently serving a 3-game suspension, missing last week’s game against Penn State. This week, Michigan will take on Maryland before closing out the season against Ohio State.