Tom Brady has been playing football forever and that’s apparent when it comes to his appearance in video games.

Sporting News on Twitter did a side-by-side difference on when he first appeared in a video game (the NCAA series with Michigan) till now with the Buccaneers in Madden:

In the first one, no one can see Brady’s face, or even his hands for that matter as it looks like he’s not even snapping the ball. For today, Brady in Madden almost looks exactly like him in real life as you can see his full face and his entire body.

Technology has really come a long way since he first appeared in a video game all those years ago.

Brady will be playing in his 10th Super Bowl on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, who are looking to go back-to-back. If Brady wins, it would be his seventh Super Bowl championship after he won his first six with the New England Patriots.